How does this service work?
Atelier16 is a wish list service with the ability to instantly buy gifts. Here you can put together a list of things that you would like to receive from your loved ones for a wedding, anniversary or any other important event. Gifts can be selected from our catalog with more than 80 brands, from the most famous and premium brands like Hermés and Bernardaud, to niche and democratic ones. We work directly with all brands and can order for you any item from their range, even if it is not presented on our website. Just write through the online chat window on the main page of the site, we are always in touch.
Why do I need to make a wish list?
First of all, a wish list ensures that you get exactly what you dream about (and don’t get things that will gather dust in the closet for years). Secondly, a wish list saves guests from endless shopping trips in search of a gift. Thirdly, a wish list saves the nerves of all the heroes of the celebration. Guests know for sure that they guessed with the gift. And finally, a wishlist is a great opportunity to share the purchase of something significant and expensive between the guests. For example, a beautiful set. Just ask each guest to give one cup or plate. It's not expensive at all, and through Atelier16 it’s also very easy!
Which countries can I ship to?
We deliver gifts to all European counties, Russia and CIS. But per special request we can arrange delivery to any place in the world. Baccarat, Bernardaud, Christofle, Daum and Lalique are not sold in the territory of Russian Federation.
Where can I see users' reviews?
We really value the reviews of our beautiful brides and collect them on our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/atelier.16/ You can view the selection and see who has already entrusted us with their weddings in the “Clients” and “Reviews” collections.
I am a wedding planner. What can you offer me?
We cooperate with wedding planner and fully undertake everything related to gifts: from helping with drawing up a wish list to delivering gifts at the right time and place. Each couple is provided with a personal concierge who helps them to make a wish list, advises guests, keeps in touch with the planners - in a word, does everything to relieve you of worries about gifts. And this is not all that we offer! If you are a wedding planner, please write to us through the online chat window. We will send you a personal presentation of the project and tell you about all the advantages of working with us at your events.
What is the currency of payments for goods?
All payments on our website are processes in EUR. If you pay by a credit card with an account in a different currency, the amount will be automatically converted into EUR at the rate of your bank.
What should I do if a broken or damaged gift is delivered?
The main thing is not to worry. In our practice, this has not happened before, but, of course, all our shipments are insured. Please text to your personal consultant immediately or leave a message to the concierge through the chat window on the main page. Send a picture of the damaged product, and we will do everything to replace it as soon as possible.
How much does a delivery cost?
Cost of delivery to anywhere in the world is 30 EUR. This amount is paid by guests during gifts' purchase: it is automatically added to the invoice before payment.
Can I add only one item to a wish list?
Yes of course. Add as many items as you like to the wishlist: there are no restrictions.
How long does a delivery take?
As a rule, we pre-arrange a convenient delivery date with the wish list owner and send all the gifts at once. If you want to receive gifts as soon as possible, then the minimum delivery time to Moscow is 2-3 business days. Delivery in Europe and the CIS, as a rule, occurs within a week. Delivery times to other countries are individual. We recommend that you arrange them with your personal concierge through. Please note that these dates are only valid for items in stock. Delivery of custom items can take from several days to several months. Please inform the concierge in case of deadlines. The concierge will help to make a wish list so that there is enough time for all the gifts to arrived at the right date.
Can guests share a purchase of a significant gift?
We are currently working to add such an option to the website. In the meantime, if the desired gift consists of several pieces, then you can add the necessary items to the wishlist one by one (not as a whole set). So a set of your dreams will turn out from several separate gifts, and guests will be able to make purchases separately.  
How can I verify the authenticity of products?
Our company Galerie Royale LLC is the official distributor of all brands represented on Atelier 16. You can verify this by checking the list of distributors on the website of any brand from our list. In addition, Atelier concierges will upon request provide you with official letters from those brands confirming our cooperation with them and the authenticity of all products. And, of course, you are always welcome to visit our flagship store Galerie Royale in Armenia.
Why should I trust you with my wishlist?
Firstly, we are the only online wishlist service. This is especially convenient if the celebration takes place far from home or if guests from different countries are invited to the event. Neither you nor your loved ones will have to go to a store or showroom, pick up gifts, think about logistics and packaging. You only prepare your wish list online, and in one click guests can pay for gifts from anywhere in the world. The rest is our job. Secondly, we have presented the largest and most complete selection of home goods - more than 80 of the world's best brands, from Hermès and Baccarat to small artisan productions. Absolutely all of their products are available for order. This means that if you need an item or collection that is not yet presented on our website, you can write to a concierge through the chat window on the main page, and the required product will be added to your wishlist. Thirdly, a personal concierge helps each of our clients absolutely for free. He leads your wishlist from beginning to end, answers any questions of the the brides and guests and is always in touch if you need help in compiling a wishlist or looking for something special.
A specific product or collection is not presented on the website? What do I do?
Only the most popular products of the brands with which we cooperate are presented on our website. The product list is constantly updated. But absolutely all of their products are available for order.If you need an item or collection that is not yet  presented on the website, write a concierge through the chat window on the main page, and the required product will be added to your wishlist.
How is the gift payment process carried out?
Once you compile and publish a wishlist, it will be available through a unique URL link. Your guests will be able to browse to that link, choose any gift from the list and instantly pay it online.